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Medical Device Registration and Global Market Access

Achieving regulatory approval on a global scale can be a complex endeavor, especially in the face of evolving requirements spurred by advancing medical technologies.

When planning to introduce your medical devices into target markets, it's vital to tackle several critical factors. This includes pinpointing the most promising markets for your medical device registration and effectively navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance, international product safety, performance testing, and certification.

Collaborating with our global team of experts at Qserve provides you with valuable insights into international regulations. Market Access/world.jpg?preset=content

We understand the nuances of different pathways for market access and where they intersect, ensuring an efficient journey for your products into the global marketplace.

Together, we can help you with the common basic set of essential requirements that is valid for each and every country and comply with specific international regulations to ensure product quality and safety.

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Medical Device Registration America

Navigating Regulatory America

As your official US Agent, Qserve brings expertise in US FDA regulations to craft an effective regulatory strategy for your medical device or In Vitro diagnostics in the United States.

Additionally, we provide registration support and serve as local independent license holders in Canada bolstering your market access in America.

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Medical Device Registration Asia Pasific

Navigating Asia-Pacific Markets

Expanding into Asian markets can be challenging, requiring patience and a deep understanding of the local culture and ever-evolving regulations. Keeping pace with these dynamic changes is essential.

Qserve, with our established entity in China and a wide range of support services, including China Agent services, is your trusted partner in overcoming these challenges. We also extend our expertise to assist with registrations and market entry in various other parts of Asia, like India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

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Unlocking Opportunities in Australia

Australia, an English-speaking nation, maintains regulatory systems closely aligned with European regulations such as EU-MDR and EU-IVDR. This alignment can significantly facilitate market access when you hold European CE and ISO 13485 certifications.

At Qserve, we provide comprehensive regulatory support and serve as your trusted independent legal representation in Australia, ensuring a seamless pathway for your products into this thriving market. We also assist with support for New Zealand.

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Navigating LATAM Markets

For your Latin America market expansion, Qserve is your strategic partner. Our tailored services encompass crafting a regulatory strategy plan and expert guidance in Clinical Affairs, ensuring your successful entry and growth in the attractive Latin America market. 

We assist with your go-to-market strategy or registrations in Latin American countries like Brazil and others.

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Medical Device Registration Middle East   Thriving in the Middle East Market

Saudi Arabia's medical device sector is governed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). Notably, the medical device regulations in Saudi Arabia underwent substantial changes in August 2021. These revisions encompass updated classifications and stringent requirements for devices seeking marketing authorization (MDMA).

Qserve is here to guide you through the intricacies of the Saudi Arabian market, ensuring your medical devices align with the latest regulatory standards and positioning you for success in this evolving landscape.

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Medical Device Registration Middle East Navigating European Regulatory Markets

Qserve specializes in the European Medical Device Regulation and European In Vitro Diagnostics Regulation within the EU, UK, and Switzerland. Beyond this expertise, our comprehensive services extend to provide support for medical device registrations in various other European countries.
Trust us to be your reliable partner as you navigate the diverse regulatory landscape across Europe.

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Global Market Access Strategy for Medical Devices and IVDs

When aiming to secure regulatory approvals on a global scale, a well-planned approach is crucial. A successful market access strategy should be tailored to the specific markets a company wishes to penetrate. Qserve has been a trusted partner for Medical Device and IVD firms, providing expert guidance in regulatory compliance and market entry since 1998.

Efficient Global Registration Services

Let us guide you in pinpointing the most appropriate countries based on your existing certifications. Are you in search of a specialized medical device registration service?

Local representation by Qserve

Qserve maintains its own dedicated entities with local offices and representatives in key regions, including Europe, the UK, China, and the US. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to support your regulatory strategy, complete with an established official presence in these vital global locations. 

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