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About us

Global reach, practical advice, experienced team!

About Qserve

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to help improve patient safety and health by supporting the advancement of biomedical technology. We assist medical device and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers worldwide with market access, medical device approvals, clinical trials and achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. 

We strive to do this as your partner with a practical approach balancing business needs and regulatory compliance. 

We are passionately working for our customers on regulatory, quality and clinical challenges and see it as our responsibility to create a diverse global team of professionals who share the same passion for medical device technology, a high standard of quality, competence and customer service, and enjoy the fun of working on this together every day. Our people make our firm. groupfoto.jpg?preset=content


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Qserve | 25 years of sharing knowledge

The year 2023 is a special year for Qserve as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.
We have a series of events to share our expertise with our customers.
Over the years, Qserve has grown into a large international consultancy company with more than 100 employees and entities in the Netherlands, United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium/ France, and, Italy.  Read more>>

Meet our team of professionals van Lochem.jpg?preset=content

Jan van Lochem

CEO & Partner de Bruin.jpg?preset=content

Martin de Bruin

CCO & Partner Bos 4.jpg?preset=content

Gert Bos

CSO & Partner M_.jpg?preset=content

Mindy McCann

Country Manager US Menzl.jpg?preset=content

Stefan Menzl 

Country Manager Deutschland Brendel 2.jpg?preset=content

Renaud Brendel

Country Manager France/Belgium Huang.jpg?preset=content

Stephanie Huang

Country Manager China P.jpg?preset=content

Daan Pelgrom

Business Development Manager Europe photo.jpg?preset=content


Sales and Business Development Manager  – North America Chen 800 2023.jpg?preset=content

Minghua Chen

Business Development Manager Asia-Pacific Azuero 800.jpg?preset=content

Ricardo Azuero

Business Development Specialist DACH van Lochem.jpg?preset=content

Celien van Lochem

Business Development Specialist CRO

Jawad Tlemsser

Sales Specialist Global Registrations

Stephanie Valk

Head of Global Operations Verboven.jpg?preset=content

Iris Verboven

Business Operations Manager Clinical

Pim Kolsteeg

Global Head of HR

Sjobbe de Kluiver

HR Officer Saalbach (002).jpg?preset=content

Carl Saalbach

HR Officer US

Mirjana Maassen

HR Generalist

Erika Schipper

Quality Manager

Sruthy Jayakumar Nair

Application Analyst Soumagne.jpg?preset=content

Cindy Soumagne

Project Management Officer Conseil

Simone Eestermans

Marketing Manager Global

Emily Norton

Marketing Coordinator US (002).jpg?preset=content

Amé Huige

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Gemma Harmsen

Marketing & Communication Specialist

Eric Hoorn

Graphic Designer Bouwman.jpg?preset=content

Patrick Bouwman

Financial Controller van den Berg.jpg?preset=content

Bianca van den Berg

Financial Assistant Osuji.jpg?preset=content

Stella Osuji

Assistant Controller Worm.jpg?preset=content

Stefan Worm

Assistant Controller Maloney photo.jpg?preset=content

Megan Maloney

Assistant Controller US

What expertise are you looking for?

Meet our team of consultants with academic experience around the world.               


Qserve's History

Qserve Group is founded in 1998 by Willibrord Driessen and started with a small group of regulatory experts. Since 2014, three new shareholders joined the Board of Directors with the strong aim to continue in line with Willibrord's global vision. Now, Qserve is a global player, well known among medical device manufacturers, with offices in Europe, US, and China.

The current Board of Qserve group consists Jan van LochemMartin de Bruin and Gert Bos. They will continue to expand Qserve Group and Qserve CRO as a leading global medical device consulting group in Regulatory Compliance, Clinical Trials, Quality Assurance, and training to enable registration, approval and market access of medical devices in global markets.



Our board of directors
Jan van Lochem,
 Martin de Bruin and Gert Bos

Qserve's historical growth

Celebrating our 25th anniversary

Over the past 25 years, Qserve has developed into a global company where the team combines their regulatory knowledge and experience in the medical device and in vitro diagnostic industry, sharing more than 500 years' worth of combined expertise in the medical field. 

The historical development shows Qserve makes you your global partner for Regulatory Compliance all over the world. foto/Company-History-Final-rev-33.jpg?preset=content