Canada Medical Device Registration

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Canada Medical Device Registration

In Canada, the regulatory submission process for medical devices is overseen by Health Canada, specifically by the Medical Devices Directorate, the national authority that monitors and evaluates the safety, effectiveness, and quality of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices in Canada. The applicable regulation is the Medical Devices Regulations (SOR/98-282) under the Canadian Food and Drugs Act. 

Canada is an attractive market for medical device manufacturers for several reasons. The Canadian medical device industry is highly diversified, and Canada's aging population provides an opportunity to focus on medical devices to aid older population groups. Qserve can support building the MDSAP-compliant quality management system and help you with Canada Medical Device Registration.

“Our experts offer comprehensive services to streamline the process of bringing your products to the Canadian market and ensuring successful registration.”  

Regulatory Compliance in Canada

Canada Medical Device Registration

Overall, the regulatory system for medical devices in Canada shares similarities with both the FDA and EU regulatory systems. Like the EU, Canada utilizes a risk-based classification approach and emphasizes conformity assessment to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, especially for high-risk devices. However, Canada also shares similarities with the FDA system depending on a device's respective risk class.

We are an experienced partner in EU-MDR, EU-IVDR, and US FDA market access. Qserve has extensive expertise in market access in the US, Europe, and Canada and knows the essential requirements to receive Health Canada approval and guide the process for Canada Medical Device Registration.

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