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Qserve supports Quality and Regulatory professionals with global market access. The Consultancy blog series will focus on some key points to ask yourself when you are seeking a regulatory affairs consultant or subjects that have a more general company purpose.

Choosing a consultant is a very personal choice. We considered the criteria to consider when selecting for example a consultant, what is my primary need, for example, knowledge or human resources; is this a one-off need, or do you want to establish an arrangement with a go-to partner who can support your changing needs? In our coming blog series, we will share with you our points of view and recommendations. years Qserve/blog1.jpg?preset=content



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How should IVD companies look for regulatory consulting? 

Part 1 | 'Good Help is Hard to Find'

The UK issued its HTRIP report about the Challenges and Opportunities for the UK health tech Industry. One of the topics it identified was that in vitro diagnostic companies were struggling to find appropriate consultants. This then begs the question: What should you look for in regulatory consulting and how to find your IVD consultant?
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