Qserve Celebration 2023

Celebration of 25 years of Qserve | Your Global MedTech Partner for Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Clinical Trials

Qserve | 25 years of sharing knowledge

The year 2023 is a special year for Qserve as we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. Over the years, Qserve has grown into a large international consultancy company with more than 100 employees and entities in the Netherlands, United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium/ France, and, Italy. 


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Qserve's History 

Qserve Group is founded in 1998 by Willibrord Driessen and started with a small group of regulatory experts. Since 2014, three new shareholders joined the Board of Directors with the strong aim to continue in line with Willibrord's global vision. Now, Qserve is a global player, well-known among medical device manufacturers, with offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, the US, and China. Read more>>

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Forward Thinking Webinar Series

The Forward Thinking Series is a free webinar series designed to reflect on the past 25 years while looking ahead. Throughout the Forward Thinking Series, Gert Bos will interview specialists from the Qserve team and business units to share industry knowledge and insights into the past and future. In a question-and-answer format, our experts will share their knowledge from practical experience. Read more >>

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Regulatory Consultancy Blog

The Consultancy Blog is a blog series designed to give a broader view of general subjects that are important for everybody working in the Regulatory, Quality, and Clinical world of Medical Devices and In Vitro Diagnostic Products. Our Qserve experts will share their vision of what is important when you are working with or looking for a Regulatory, Quality, or Clinical Consultancy. Read more>>

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Qserve Interviews  

In 2023 we will interview a variety of persons who work for Qserve, have worked for Qserve, customers, and other people with a connection with Qserve. In these interviews, we will talk about what makes you proud to be part of the Qserve team, why work at Qserve and what is your expertise, what you see in the market, and a take-home message for the reader. Read more >>

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