On-Demand Webinar | Swiss Representative: All you need to Know

The revised Swiss MedDO requires a Swiss Authorized Representative (Swiss AR) for all manufacturers based outside of Switzerland to place medical devices on the Swiss market. The Swiss AR shall have permanently and continuously at their disposal at least one person responsible for regulatory compliance. The responsibilities of this person are defined in article 15 of the MDR.

Join Stefan Menzl and co-host Angelina Hakim from QUNIQUE GmbH for this On-Demand Webinar on Swiss Representative: All you need to Know. In this webinar, you will learn the following:

  • What is a Swiss Authorised Representative?
  • What are the duties of the Swiss Authorised Representative?
  • When do foreign manufacturers need to take action?
  • What can I do now?

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Stefan Menzl
Post date: July 06, 2021
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