On-Demand Webinar | Medical Device Registration in LATAM Part 1

LATAM Part I | Brazil and Mexico

This free webinar series on Medical Device Registration will cover the following topics on how to enter the market and meet regulatory compliance in Latin American (LATAM) markets: Brazil and Mexico

Reasons to enter the medical device market in Brazil and Mexico
What does the regulatory approval process look like?  
How can you benefit from approval in Brazil and Mexico to enter other LATAM countries? 
What are the main differences between the country-specific requirements and EU/US medical device regulations?  
What is the overlap and how can technical documentation efficiently be used in the roadmap?
Latest updates on the regulatory developments in Brazil and Mexico

Watch the webinar On-Demand. 

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Patrícia da Silva Perez, PhD
Olena Hoi, MSc
Post date: October 20, 2023
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