We’ll meet again! Now know where, now know when!

With the effects of Covid-19 slowly and gradually diminishing, society opens up. People meet each other in real life again, you finally meet your new colleagues you only have met on MS Teams, Zoom or another online platform. You can enjoy the office environment and the output of the coffee machine again. You can have those lunch walks together and discuss other subjects than work and Covid-19!


This also means that you can meet your Qserve consultant and trainer also real life again. After two years of mainly online meetings, phone calls, emails, online webinars and online training sessions we can also meet and greet you in a classroom situation again.

Make no mistake; online meetings, webinars, trainings have their advantages. Less travel arrangements and costs; short online sessions can be spread over various days or weeks therefore limiting the impact on daily business; a subject matter expert as trainer per session is possible; virtual break-out rooms are easily organized; you can follow a recorded session at a time of your own choosing; and sessions can easily be recorded to listen to again afterwards.

There are also disadvantages with online experiences. It is easy to be distracted and do something else than participating in the training; it is rather easy to stay in the background and not actively participate in a training. Managing exercises and virtual break-out rooms is more challenging and demanding for the trainer. And last but not least the number of participants is essentially unlimited potentially leading to a one-way monologue from the trainer.

Online trainings have kicked in rapidly and ruthlessly in 2020 and will not go away. We have learned to appreciate the advantages and deal with the disadvantages. But not every training subject is suitable for online trainings.

  • If you want to train skills, the classroom is the environment to be. Real work situations can be mimicked; a classroom is a confined safe environment where you can practice and make mistakes. And all the participants have the same opportunities and attention of the trainer.
  • Adults learn more effectively when the item to be learned is directly applicable to their work, putting the learnings into practice with relevant and useful exercises and cases in the training and direct feedback from the trainer and your fellow delegates.
  • Direct interaction between the trainer and delegates and between the delegates mutually contributes to the learning experience.
  • A passive delegate is easily detected by a seasoned trainer and stimulated to actively participate.
  • Classroom trainings by definition are limited in number of delegates due to training room size thus improving interaction possibilities.
  • A seasoned trainer can easily change working methods on the spot to accommodate the preferred learning styles of the delegates.

We are therefore happy and thankful to offer you classroom trainings again. The Qserve trainer can perform the training in your selected venue at your selected timeframe for your selected delegates. Together with your Qserve trainer you choose the customization level of your training. You can arrange to use your own documentation and examples to finetune the training program to your training goal and objectives. A more standardized and cost effective training program is also possible.

Qserve can offer you a mix of online, prerecorded, and onsite trainings to suit your training goals and expectation.

Interested? Look on our website for planned Events and Trainings or have a look on the Knowledge Center page for recorded webinars but also our whitepapers, podcasts and blogs.

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Post date: March 30, 2022
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