Aibang Yuan

Aibang Yuan

China Expert


Aibang Yuan is a consultant at Qserve based in Nanjing, China. He coordinates interactions with local test houses and supports building class 1 NMPA (former CDFA) registration files. In addition, he is responsible for the Post Market Surveillance activities (PMS) in Qserve’s China legal agent. He acts as a quality support officer for Qserve Group China.

Aibang holds a master’s degree in Biological Engineering from Nanjing TECH University; his background is in the area of biology and organic chemistry. Before joining the Qserve China team, he worked for GENESKY as a Quality engineer. He is responsible for quality management of medical device production and product registrations.

Aibang about working at Qserve:
“In my eyes, Qserve is full of vitality and charm. Within this fast developing organization, you can learn about the regulations in different parts of the world and timely attention to the global regulatory change. Qserve also offers a wealth of training opportunities, greatly broaden the horizons of individuals, and can continue to enrich their knowledge reserves. As a member of the Chinese team, I very much enjoy working with our great global team, through our efforts to help customers solve the problem with a practical approach."

Aibang is familiar with the following:
  • registration regulations and registration process for NMPA;
  • the construction and operation of quality management system;
  • the production of medical equipment requirements form NMPA; and
  • the type of test process.

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