Jelena Kresoja, MSc

Jelena Kresoja, MSc

Clinical Writer
Junior Consultant


Jelena started at Qserve Group as a consultant where she will be working as a medical writer for PMCF in the Qserve CRO team.

Jelena about working at Qserve

Helping people in need has been a passion and drive of mine ever since I was a child, and has highly influenced my choice of profession as a biomedical engineer. I believe that working for Qserve gives me the chance to help manufacturers bring their medical devices to the market and in the end, to the people that need them most, the patients. This perspective aligns with my ambition to help people and I am glad to aid Qserve in achieving this cause.

Before Qserve

I hold both a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering. I obtained my BSc degree in my hometown, at the University of Novi Sad, but finished a part of my program at the University of Trento. My MSc degree, with a specialization in Medical Device Design, I got from the University of Groningen.

I have work experience with designing different medical devices and have worked as a design engineer on the heating system of a medicinal cannabis inhaler. While working as a medical device design engineer I have come in contact with the Medical Device Regulations on several occasions and understood its importance for all medical devices. In addition, I have also worked in a start-up company that was developing a device for continuous glucose monitoring with a focus on biosensors, as both a lab technician in biosensor manufacturing and a data analyst in collecting and monitoring sensor data.

The key expertise areas of Jelena:

PMCF and medical writing
Literature search expertise
Data analysis
Scientific writing
Strong technical knowledge of medical robotics and electronics 
Medical device design protocol
Biosensor manufacturing
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