Dulce Aguilar, PhD

Dulce Aguilar, PhD

Clinical Writer

Dulce Aguilar has joined the Qserve Group as Clinical Writer where she works within the Qserve CRO team.

Dulce about working at Qserve

I am passionate about medical devices and I am committed to contributing to the wellbeing of patients around the world by ensuring safe and high-quality products. I am delighted to be joining Qserve as a Trainee Clinical Writer where my main activities will be within the clinical evaluation process (including literature search and appraisal, writing of clinical evaluation plans and clinical evaluation reports). I will work hard towards our goal of helping medical device manufacturers achieve their regulatory requirements.

Before Qserve

Dulce has over 7 years experience in post-graduate research. She
 has a strong technical background in manufacturing and precision engineering. She has worked on a diversity of projects, including medical device prototyping, algorithm development and fabrication of toxic gas detection sensors.

After earning a BSc degree in Mechatronics in 2009, she started her research career by pursuing a MSc in Manufacturing, and later, a MRes in ultra-precision engineering. In 2012 she worked as project coordinator in Mexico, where she collaborated to helping Mexican SMEs of the plastic industry by promoting EU regulatory compliance through training and development activities. She has always been inclined towards medical devices and biomedical engineering because that’s where her motivation is.

Dulce concluded her PhD at the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, where her research was focused on developing an algorithm for the creation of 3D-printable vascular models for tissue engineering. Having expertise in diverse fields allows Dulce to look at problems from a broader perspective.

The key expertise areas of Dulce:

  • Strong research and problem-solving skills achieved by great attention to detail and meticulous work.
  • Strong verbal and written communication and documentation skills.
  • Technical expertise in manufacturing and precision engineering.
  • Strong scientific and technical writing skills.
  • Effective search and appraisal of scientific literature.
  • Clinical Evaluation of medical devices, including the preparation and review of Clinical Evaluation Plans and Clinical Evaluation Reports (MEDDEV 2.7.1/rev. 4 and EU MDR).
  • Preparation of Literature Search Protocols and Data Collection Reports (MEDDEV 2.7.1/rev. 4 and EU MDR).
  • Project coordination skills.
  • Programming and data analysis skills.
  • Language skills: Spanish Native speaker, English (Near) native
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