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Every day the news on the war in Ukraine is reaching us, globally, no matter where we are. And especially the big impact of the crisis on civilians is hard to see. As a company supporting medical devices manufacturers to achieve their goals in helping and supporting patients, we do provide support as needed on special market access and other questions you may have on how to get your medical aids into the war zone.

Three of our colleagues have partial or full roots in Ukraine.

They provide support where they can. In one of these cases, your support is requested as well. We are trying to help the Ukrainian Ministry of Health 🇺🇦 to get access to suppliers of urgently needed materials, and specifically:

  1. Surgical needles
  2. Needle holders
  3. Wide plaster bandages
  4. Bohler frames
  5. Brackets for skeletal traction
  6. Kostyuk's device (rods of external fixation) for a shoulder, forearms, shins, hips, hips with a core (2 on each segment)
  7. Devices for diathermocoagulation
  8. Fentanyl

Please get in touch with us if you are able to donate or sell these products (

Our feelings, prayers and our support are for all Ukrainians who are fighting for their right to exist.

The Qserve team


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