Join Gert Bos and Xavier University for a Virtual Workshop: EU MDR | Today and Tomorrow

février 03, 2021 - février 04, 2021 / Virtual

Date: February 3rd & 4th, 2021

Time: 10am-2pm EST

Location:  Virtual

Language: English

Costs: $300-$850 

Learn & Develop Plans on Critical, Current Aspects of EU MDR

  • Heighten awareness of the urgency to take action and gain support from senior leaders (CEO, COO, CQO, CFO, Chief Legal Officer, etc.)
  • Develop a scientifically valid and compliant clinical strategy in a period where notified bodies no longer offer pre-services.
  • Manage concurrent MDD and MDR compliant products, as well as assess the effects of any significant changes.
  • Ensure market continuity for “legacy” products after May 2021.
  • Compile the data required for new technical documentation and mapping to GSPRs.
  • Implement and coordinate post-market data and analysis for proper reporting and trending for mandatory submissions, as well as for compliant QMSs

 A global panel of experts will guide you through the development of a time-critical action plan for meeting the EU Medical Device Regulations that apply to your products. They will address the current state of EU MDR and evolving issues to prepare you for today and tomorrow. This workshop will provide proven strategies and tactics you can implement.

In addition to leading you through the most critical EU MDR topics, the panel is looking forward to holding an informal, interactive Ask the Experts! session to culminate the workshop. This is an opportunity to ask your specific questions, and get immediate answers.


Gert W. Bos, PhD, Fraps
Date d'envoi: janvier 18, 2021
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