Virtual Meet and Greet with Gert Bos and Coenraad Davidsdochter at the MDR & Software Webinar by NEN

octobre 25, 2021 - octobre 25, 2021 / Virtual

Date: October 25th, 2021

Location: Virtual

Language: Dutch

Qserve Attendee: Gert Bos and Coenraad Davidsdochter

NEN is organizing a webinar October 25th, 2021 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on software as a medical device, in the context of the new legislation and regulations for medical devices. This webinar focusses in on the question of when software is a medical device, what issues are involved and what responsibilities and risks this entails.

Qserve Attendee sessions

  • Gert Bos will be the host of the Webinar.
  • Join Coenraad Davidsdochter for the session 'General overview most important aspects of software as a medical device' at 14:10-14:30.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the NEN website

Gert W. Bos, PhD, Fraps
Coenraad Davidsdochter
Date d'envoi: septembre 24, 2021
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