IVD services

Qserve supports you with all the steps in the design and development process for IVDs


How can Qserve help you?

Qserve supports IVD manufacturers with the changing regulations in Europe, the market access strategy for the US, Europe, and the Rest of the World (ROW), and understands and supports the complete steps in the design and development process for IVDs.

Qserve has built a dedicated and large IVD team. Our IVD experts have worked in the industry for start-ups and global players, and some have worked for Competent Authorities, or Notified Bodies at a senior level. We are happy to support manufacturers at all points of their journey.  



Design and development process IVD and IVDR

Once all the phases are complete, your developed device is ready for commercial distribution.


Interested in our global IVD services?

We want to help you with the challenges you might have designing devices for multiple markets,
changing or setting up your market access strategy or preparing appropriate regulatory submissions.

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