Clinical Study Start Up

Our full-service CRO for Medical Devices Clinical Research


Qserve always ensures adherence and compliance with local Regulatory Requirements

Study start-up is a dynamic phase in which it is important to manage cost and quality while keeping the time to site activation as short as possible. Qserve will manage the various elements on the path to site activation in parallel and take the extra mile to get your study started as soon as possible. Having country and site intelligence we can advise accurately on expected costs and timelines.


Site selection

For medical device studies, an accurate site feasibility assessment is essential. Qserve has an extensive network of clinical research sites and can advise on an appropriate site selection strategy. If you already know which sites you want to work with, we can prepare them for initiation by training and education.


Our Clinical Study Start-up services

  • Site feasibility 
  • Site qualification
  • Essential documents collection
  • Trial Master File build and maintenance
  • Local study documentation preparation



  • Patient recruitment strategies
  • Logistical support
  • Ancillary services qualification
  • Investigator meetings
  • Training
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