Customized IVDR Training

Customized training on IVDR (IVDR (EU)2017/746) Implementation


Customized training on IVDR Compliance

Qserve has created a series of 6 training courses for the IVDR which we have offered as public courses. We have also been providing the course material as part of company-specific strategy sessions. 



Customized IVDR Training

The advantages of a customized training are:

The sessions are private so you can talk about your products in confidence

The sessions can be tailormade to your product portfolio and discuss in more detail your areas of most concern

The sessions can be focused to your situation whether this is as a start-up or a company transitioning form the IVDD to the IVDR

We can also focus sessions for one particular department. For example a deep diving into design control or analytical performance for the R&D group or PMS and PMPF for post-market staff and economic operators


'Sue Spencer has a solid reputation within the RA community, and this motivated me to join the webinar. It turned out a good choice. She managed to give a wide but also a detailed perspective on the fundamentals of the IVDR, stressed the points that tend to be overlooked and came with concrete practical strategies to help the industry succeed in its run towards the implementation of the IVD Regulation.

I strongly recommend it not only to managers working in RA/Quality but also to executives who will have to take decisions on how to advance their business in the face of critical changes this new regulation is bringing.'
Attendee of the 'IVDR Fundamentals' session

The following customized courses are available:

  • What you need to know before you start IVDR implementation 

  • Preparing the QMS for the IVDR

  • Technical documentation for IVDR

  • Clinical evidence for IVDR

  • Risk Management to meet the IVDR

  • IVDR PMS and PMPF and how to implement them requirements. 

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