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China NMPA registration process

Before entering a new market, what factors will you consider when making a commitment to time and financial resources? Besides mastering regulatory compliance requirements, a solid market return plan may give you additional reason and confidence for the investment.

Qserve provides a combined service of linking you to the local distributor’s network. By using our product registration services or quality management, we can also connect you to the potential dealers’ world.





As a multi-lingual, highly experienced team with close ties to the local industry and associations, we help foreign medical device manufacturers to find suitable local distributors in China through a practical approach. Through extensive international and local networking, we can help to pool, short-list potential distributors, and to assist you to expand or change the existing distribution network.

No matter how well-performed your product is, if not on the shelves, they will not

be known to potential users.

With a large base population and growing ageing population, the demand for quality healthcare products in China is high, which makes China a compelling market for many medical device manufacturers. For medical device manufacturers entering China, there are obvious advantages. It is, however, also challenging to conquer such a market from the outset due to language and cultural differences. If you already have a target city or region in mind, we can help you to assess the market share, identify local partners and competitors, gather intelligence on local partners, conduct due diligence locally, and analyze cultural and commercial opportunities and challenges etc.

By testing the waters of target regions, you may determine better whether the company should continue to penetrate the whole China market or focus on certain cities. If you do not have target areas decided yet, we will provide inputs to help you build up a sales strategy and business development plan. We may also offer regular on-site assistance to attend academic forums or conferences to branding your product or company name. Through careful market research and intelligence gathering, you can better position your market entry strategy.

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