Download Now: PPT of the Free Webinar 'Compliance with the MDR (2017/745) - Issues and strategies a few months before the Regulatory deadline'

The EU MDR is being implemented by companies all over the world; some in early stages, others pretty advanced or even already certified.

This talk will highlight key lessons learned from many of these early adapters projects, and will take the delegate to an accelerated path towards EU MDR compliance. Besides some do’s and don’ts, it will focus on core elements of interpretation, as well as on project approaches. Drifting expectations in clinical data requirements, toxicity, formal claims and residual risks identified on the IFU. 

Learnings of the webinar: 

What have companies encountered so far in non-conformities from the notified bodies, and what pragmatic and smart solutions have been found today. What type of real world evidence is to be collected in PMCF,  and how do surveys and clinical studies interplay. And many more….

Company name
Area of interest
Gert W. Bos, PhD, Fraps
Renaud Brendel
Post date: November 12, 2020
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