Webinar: Part 2 - 10 Facts You Need to Know Now to Prepare for the IVDR

With the IVDR drawing near, Sue Spencer covered the 10 key facts that executives need to know now and how it will affect your entire organization. Introduction of the IVDR is described as a cultural shift because it impacts so many parts of the business. If you think this only impact quality and regulatory you need to listen to this webinar! Being prepared early could save you a lot of resources and money and the presentation will answer some very tough questions. 

Do you want to know?

  • What is the most important key to successful implementation?
  • Will the IVDR impact my business?
  • Will the IVDR lead to products being withdrawn from the market?
  • Why will it be costly to bring devices into compliance under the IVDR?
  • What happens if I do not have sufficient data to prove compliance?
  • Once my files are remediated, I’m done, aren’t I?
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Sue Spencer
Post date: February 12, 2020
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