Interview with new force Hans-Pieter Snels: Junior Consultant

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Becoming a practitioner in healthcare or working in the academic field, for which my studies were initially designed, didn’t appeal to me as much. After getting my Masters, I was excited to finally get started in the industry. I ran into the CEO of Qserve during an event of the university. Jan and I started talking and both got enthusiastic about each other. This is how I got in touch and involved with Qserve.

The things that fits me very well are taking on challenges, working under pressure and being a team player. I find these qualities integrated in my work-life but also in my personal-life. For instance, I love playing baseball as much as the social aspects that come with being a part of a team. And in addition the pressure of performing is an aspect I enjoy. Besides baseball, I weekly meet up with friends and play cards. I have a tactic where I distract them by telling stories and ask them to tell their stories, meanwhile I keep my head in the game so I can strike.   

What does a typical Qserve-week look like for you as a Junior Consultant?

In a typical week, I have several projects running along each other and I have to mentally switch between them from meeting to meeting and work with different teams for different projects. When I’m not in meetings, I review, create and discuss content regarding the regulatory, quality and clinical aspects of clients and their medical devices. Besides that, I have mentors who I can always rely upon and make use of.

How would you describe your work experience as a consultant with Qserve?

I want to develop as an all-round consultant. Everybody supports me with achieving my goals and helps me develop into an all-round consultant. Therefore, I already gained a large variety of working experience. I have done quality work like: reviewing, auditing and writing quality system procedure. However, I also did regulatory work in reviewing and assessing gaps in the technical documentation of medical devices in line of the regulatory requirements. At the moment, I am involved in projects where I have to apply to the FDA, do Notified Body submissions and set up quality manual systems. Besides all of that, I also have reviewed clinical evaluation reports to get acquainted with the clinical aspects as well.

What do you hope your position contributes to the team?

I hope I can contribute in a way where I can smoothen the processes of projects. I want to have a good overview on the client expectations and also on documenting the relevant information for the projects.

Bringing valuable input to the table and create an overall good product where clients can rely on, will be helped with and can (continue to) market their products, that is what I would like to contribute. In return, I receive good criticism and support which help me flourish in this environment. 

Hans-Pieter Snels
Post date: July 04, 2019
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