EU-MDR and EU-IVDR Booklets for sale in two convenient sizes

The Qserve MDR and IVDR in two convenient sizes. One for on your desk and one for in your bag. The travel version is an extremely handy size to take the booklets everywhere with you.

The MDR booklet is updated with both Corrigendum l and Corrigendum ll!

Both booklets consist out of two parts. The EU-MDR booklets contain the Medical Device Regulation section and the Annexes section. With 10 tabs in the Medical Device Regulation section and with 17 tabs in the Annexes section.

The EU-IVDR contains the In Vitro Diagnostic section and the Annexes section. With 10 tabs in the In Vitro Diagnostic section and with 15 tabs in the Annexes section which make it a one-second job to switch from one subject to another. Perfect for everybody working in the Medical Device world.

Go for the practical approach, with a 5.3 x 5.9 inch (A6) always on the go for €59,99! Or a bigger version for on your desk, with the 8,6 x 9,1-inch size (A5) for €59,99. 

For purchasing please click here.  

At the moment shipping-times can take a little longer due to COVID-19

Post date: January 31, 2020
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