Free Webinar | Medical Device Registration in Asia Pacific Part II

September 07, 2023

Date: 7 September 2023 

Time: 17:00 - 18:00 PM CEST |  11:00 - 12:00 AM EST | 08:00 - 9:00 AM PST

Location: Virtual 

Language: English 

Free Webinar Series | Medical Device Registration  
Asia Pacific Part II
In addition to the well-known regulatory markets in Europe and the United States, Qserve supports other emerging medical devices and IVD markets. With this Free Webinar Series on Medical Device Registration, our experts from around the globe will represent countries in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin-American (LATAM) markets and provide insights with experience from the field.  
What is the smartest way to access the medical device market in Asia-Pacific countries? 
Having a good understanding of the pros and cons of the various regulatory pathways for market access is essential to make informed choices to get a product to the market and knowing what is essential to ensure how to comply with all requirements.   
Asia-Pacific Part II | Australia, New Zealand, India and Malaysia 

This free webinar will cover the following topics on how to enter the market and meet regulatory compliance: 

  • Reasons to enter the Asian-Pacific medical device market (Australia, New Zealand, India, Malaysia) 
  • What does the regulatory approval process look like?  
  • How can you benefit from approval in other markets to enter other APAC countries? 
  • What are the main differences between the country-specific requirements and EU/US medical device regulations?  
  • What is the overlap and how can technical documentation efficiently be used in the roadmap? 
  • Latest updates on the regulatory developments in Asia-Pacific countries.  

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More information on this Free Webinar Series | Medical Device Registration: 
Asia-Pacific | Part I | China & Singapore | 29th of June 2023 
Latin-America | Part I | Brazil & Mexico | 19th of October 2023 
Latin-America |Part II | Colombia & Argentina | 26th of October 2023 

The free webinar closes with a Q&A session. You can send questions through the registration form, mail them to marketing@qservegroup.com, or ask them during the webinar. 

Hosted by Qserve experts: 

Daniëlle Motta, MSc
Dennis Sarwin, MSc
Post date: May 31, 2023
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