Caesar Roseboom joins Qserve

We are pleased to announce that Caesar Roseboom joined the Qserve Group, where he is part of the Qserve CRO team and works as a Clinical Project Manager. 

Caesar will be responsible for the planning, setup, and execution of clinical investigations for medical devices and is based in the Netherlands.

Caesar: “I find medical devices fascinating because they often possess ingenious technology intended for a concrete medical purpose. I enjoy the broad dynamics associated with running clinical investigations. They require team efforts between colleagues, manufacturers, and hospital staff, posing challenges on a cross-divisional level as much now as ever. And as a Clinical Project Manager one will be in the middle of it all.”

There’s a personal profile available on this website where Caesar explains more about his experience and his core competencies.

About Qserve Group

Qserve’s mission is to support all medical device and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers with a practical approach, translating existing regulations to understandable requirements. We serve to guide manufacturers in gaining and maintaining compliance as well as conducting clinical studies as a CRO to ensure safe and quality devices in the most streamlined way possible. Qserve’s global team combines its regulatory and clinical knowledge and experience in the medical device industry, sharing more than 900 years’ worth of combined expertise in the medical field. Having teams in the EU, USA, and China provides a global footprint for global regulatory, clinical, CRO and quality services.

Qserve is constantly looking for consultants at different career levels with experience in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical affairs or auditing in medical devices. Check our current vacancies.

Caesar Roseboom
Post date: June 02, 2022
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