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5th Qserve MedTech Conference 2023

Achieving Full Compliance

25 years of sharing knowledge

5th Qserve MedTech Conference 2023 | Achieving Full Compliance

Following the success of Qserve’s previous conferences and events, we extend an invitation to join us at the 5th International Qserve MedTech Conference, where a very diverse program will be presented by Qserve’s internal hosts and with speakers from the industry, Notified Bodies, and Competent Authorities.


The theme of the conference, ‘achieving full compliance,’ will address 25 years of sharing global knowledge and the expertise we bring to the field in guiding processes in the regulatory industry toward full compliance. The conference will include updates on the EU regulations, changes in the US and China regulations, and discuss worldwide registrations based on EU or US approval.

Highlights of the Conference:

  • Parallel tracks for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic manufacturers
  • Focus on market access in Europe & United States
  • Extra focus on clinical subjects like clinical studies, clinical evaluation, and PMCF
  • 40+ expert speakers from Qserve, the industry, and Notified Bodies
  • Festive dinner and networking party included
  • Interactive in-depth Training day

We have guest speakers from: Qserve Conference agenda banners/logo speaker balk final september 7.jpg?preset=content

Day 1 | 11 October 2023 Qserve MedTech Conference 2023/Conference day 1 streams.png?preset=content  

Day 2 | 12 October 2023 Qserve MedTech Conference 2023/conference day 2 streams.png?preset=content .

Day 3 | 13 October 2023 Conference Streams/STREAMS 3_page-0001.jpg?preset=content Qserve MedTech Conference 2023/Gert-met-REgister-now.jpg?preset=content

Rates & Registration

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th Qserve MedTech Conference/ Here you can choose your type of tickets

Register now >> Qserve MedTech Conference 2023/650-PO.jpg?preset=content

Program Overview

Please have a look at the detailed program with speakers and see if there are sessions of your interest.

Full Program >> Qserve MedTech Conference 2023/650-SI.jpg?preset=content

Speaker information

Our program will be hosted by Qserve’s internal hosts and external speakers from the field. Get to know the professionals from the industry, NBs, and Competent Authorities.

Read more >> Qserve MedTech Conference 2023/Reach out to us 4.jpg?preset=content