Meet and Greet Robert Paassen and Wouter Mattheussens at the TiiM Congres

April 21, 2023 - April 21, 2023 / Europe

Date: 21 April 2023

Place: De Galgenwaard, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Language: Dutch and English

The next edition of the TiiM congress will take place on 21 April 2023. Technology and medicine have been inextricably linked for years. Medicine makes grateful use of increasingly modern techniques to offer the best treatment to the individual patient. Innovations are emerging more and more often, the medical added value and possibilities of which are unclear. Technological progress is often faster than traditionally evidence-based medicine. 

The TiiM Congress aims to bring these topics and all professionals involved together; This is the moment that technical physicians, innovators and doctors come into contact with industry and with decision-makers in healthcare. The latest developments and the current state of affairs are highlighted and discussed. All this from a medical-technical point of view.

Meet and Greet Robert Paassen and Wouter Mattheussens at their booth during the event.

For more information and to register, please visit the TiiM congres website.

Qserve Attendees

Wouter Mattheussens, MSc
Robert Paassen, MSc
Post date: April 10, 2023
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