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Your MedTech Partner for Regulatory, Quality Affairs and Clinical Trials

Our benchmark is the unique combination of a global reach, high-level expertise and staff with field experience. All consultants had former positions at medical device manufacturers, European Notified Bodies, US FDA or Chinese CFDA.

Our mission is to help improve patient safety and health by supporting the advancement of biomedical technology. We assist medical device and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers worldwide with market access, medical device approvals, clinical trials and achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. We strive to do this with a practical approach balancing business needs and regulatory compliance. We are passionately working for our customers on regulatory, quality and clinical challenges and see it as our responsibility to create a diverse global team of professionals who share the same passion for medical device technology, a high standard of quality, competence and customer service, and enjoy the fun of working on this together every day. Our people make our firm.


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Qserve has an international and dynamic work environment in which you can learn, develop and operate in the innovative, fast-moving medical device and in-vitro diagnostics sector. We offer flexibility and diversity in terms of clients, devices, technology, roles (author, reviewer, expert, trainer, auditor, etc.), and projects. Work together, learn from and be part of a strong international team with technical, clinical, regulatory, and quality competences. And last but not least, we offer a balanced set of core benefits that we believe are important to all employees.





Do you find pride in supporting customers in line with professional and ethical values? Do you have a practical approach and like being creative in finding solutions? Do you enjoy the diversity of working with different devices and companies at the edge of innovation? Please take a look at our career opportunities at Qserve. We would like to get in contact with you! 


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Qserve's History

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Qserve Group is founded in 1998 by Willibrord Driessen and started with a small group of regulatory experts. Since 2014, three new shareholders joined the Board of Directors with the strong aim to continue in line with Willibrord's global vision. Now, Qserve is a global player, well known among medical device manufacturers, with offices in Europe, US, and China.

The current Board of Qserve group consists Jan van Lochem, Martin de Bruin and Gert Bos. They will continue to expand Qserve Group as a leading global medical device consulting group in Regulatory Compliance, Clinical Trials, Quality Assurance, and training to enable registration, approval and market access of medical devices in global markets.





        Jan van Lochem, Martin de Bruin and Gert Bos

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Meet our international and dynamic consulting team with experts and our other professionals with their own specific knowledge. Our international organization has employees spread over different parts of the world in order to be able to serve our customers well.

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Below you'll find the answers to the frequently asked questions we get asked the most about Market Access Europe for Medical Devices and IVDs, but also about FDA NMPA and Global market access. If you have a question for one of our experts, send us an e-mail

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