Virtual Meet and Greet with Qserve consultants at RAPS Euro Convergence 2020

Oktober 26, 2020 - Oktober 30, 2020 / Europe - Brussels, Belgium

Event: RAPS Euro Convergence 2020

Date: 26th of October - 30th of October 2020

Location: Online

Qserve's attendees and presenters: Gert Bos, Keith Morel, Leonard Buchner, Jan - Paul van Loon, Diana Nogueira, Giovanni Di Rienzo, and Wiebe Postma

RAPS Euro Convergence 2020 will offer expansive content designed by European regulatory affairs professionals for European regulatory professionals. It’s where the regulatory community will gather to discuss the most pressing regulatory topics, share experiences and network with other stakeholders. 

A wide range of current issues facing medical device, pharmaceuticals, IVD and regulatory professionals will be covered, as well as general subjects that impact all professionals in the healthcare products space. Walk away with actionable insights and strategies!

Gert W. Bos, PhD, Fraps
Jan-Paul van Loon
Keith Morel, PHD
Loes Pelgrim
Giovanni Di Rienzo
Sue Spencer
Datum der Veröffentlichung: Dezember 20, 2019
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