MDR Suite | PMS & PMCF

November 07, 2022

Date: 7th of November 2022

Time: 15:00h -17:00h CET 

Location: Virtual

Language: English

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Post Market Surveillance (PMS) and its subset of Post Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) increasingly become part of the regulatory lifecycle thinking of modern medical device regulations. Moving away from the historic one-time review on compliance prior to market access, PMS needs to be set up as a system that provides continuous feedback about a device on the market in order to maintain a high standard of product quality.

Post-market surveillance requirements are in direct relation to risks associated with the device based on its intended use, such as the product or technology being new to the manufacturer and the extent of the available scientific knowledge and market experience with similar products.  Actual product-specific plans for gathering post-production data about your product or product family need to be set up for the lifetime of the device.

Regulatory bodies across the globe are imposing increasingly demanding and prescriptive requirements for post-market surveillance. In particular, regulatory bodies are establishing specific requirements for more proactive post market surveillance mechanisms, rather than relying simply on reactive systems, such as complaints monitoring.

Learning objectives:


  • Understand the requirements on PMS in the EU MDR
  • Understand why PMS is important
  • Understand what PMS entitles under the MDR
  • Understand the stakeholders that need to be involved in the PMS activities


  • Learn how the scope of PMCF changed from MDD to MDR
  • Learn about appropriate methodologies for PMCF
  • Understand PMCF planning, execution and reporting requirements
  • Understand the role of PMCF in the product life cycle
Peter Reijntjes
Datum der Veröffentlichung: Februar 14, 2022
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