Jennifer Simon joins Qserve Group

Jennifer Simon, MSc "I am happy to be part of Qserve and am eager to expand my knowledge in the regulatory, clinical, and quality areas to serve customers as best as I can. I always knew that my career would be focused on improving patient health.”
Qserve Group is pleased to announce that Jennifer Simon has joined our team to further expand her capabilities in supporting the medical device industries worldwide.

Within Qserve Group, Jennifer works as part of the Medical Devices team supporting manufacturers in projects related to quality and regulatory affairs. Jennifer is based in Belgium. 

Jennifer obtained a BSc degree and an MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences. The degree also involved an internship in Regulatory Affairs where she gained valuable experience with custom-made devices and 3D printing. 

After three days of working at Qserve, Jennifer joined Qserve’s Young Talent Program kick off in the Ardennes. This program is designed to teach soft skills, teamwork, and personal development through practical and helpful exercises on ways to better support clients in particular situations.   A great experience for her though very challenging. According to Jennifer, she will always remember the cheers of her colleagues when she succeeded in crossing the 6-meter-high rope. 

There’s a personal profile available on this website where Jennifer explains more about her experience and her core competencies.

About Qserve Group

Qserve’s mission is to support all medical device and in-vitro diagnostics manufacturers with a practical approach, translating existing regulations to understandable requirements. We serve to guide manufacturers in gaining and maintaining compliance as well as conducting clinical studies as a CRO to ensure safe and quality devices in the most streamlined way possible. Qserve’s global team combines its regulatory and clinical knowledge and experience in the medical device industry, sharing more than 900 years’ worth of combined expertise in the medical field. Having teams in the EU, USA, and China provides a global footprint for global regulatory, clinical, CRO, and quality services.

Qserve is constantly looking for consultants at different career levels with experience in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical affairs, or auditing to support manufacturers or distributors of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics. Check our current vacancies.

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