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EU-IVDR Compliance

Implementing the IVDR requires a structural approach. Transitioning companies to full IVDR compliance, including new certificates for up to 90% of product portfolios, will span several years.

The uncertainties which follow the introduction of the IVDR can be minimized by implementing Qserve’s EU-IVDR roadmap, which can be tailored to the specific needs of manufacturers.




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Qserve Roadmap implementation steps

Scope & Plan: A quick scan of critical impact elements. The plan defines scope, timelines, methods, resources, structures, and tools. Check also the Qserve app.
GAP Assessment: will include device, clinical and QMS related issues, addressing all aspects of the MDR.
Portfolio Rationalization: This plan will outline the strategies per device family including cost breakdown.
Global Impact Analysis: The impact on your global registrations can be significantly and the Global Impact Analysis will help as a basis for discussions.
Master Compliance Roadmap: The business organizational structure of the manufacturer and the plan with charters, will be designed.
Regulatory Training: Training ensures that employees are properly aligned with the new regulations. We offer In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation training.
Implementation of Roadmap: The charters have a charter definition sheet with objectives, budget, milestones team members and follow a standardized working method.
Effectiveness Check: The verification of the project charters output is an effectivity check.
EU-MDR Compliance: The final check for compliance with the MDR will be performed by your Notified Body.

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