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Working with a global team of experts, Qserve manages a diverse array of projects in the medical device industry. Together, we bring your medical device to the global market, complying with international regulations and assuring product quality and safety.


Regulatory Affairs

Regulations vary depending on the medical device and market you wish to enter. Our teams offer support for all regulatory compliance issues worldwide.

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Clinical Affairs

Verify the clinical safety and performance of your medical device through clinical data analysis. Clinical evaluation is based on existing literature and clinical studies.

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Global Registration

Health authorities determine market approval based on different dossier formats and requirements. With our global network Qserve covers a large percentage of these markets around the world.

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Quality Assurance

Implement and maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure your medical device meets certain specifications and requirements. 

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In-house knowledge of regulatory and quality requirements facilitates the product-to-market process and provides insight into clinical safety and performance.

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Audits are executed to determine regulatory compliance and improve the affectivity of your internal processes and those of your subcontractors and suppliers. 

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Market access

Regulatory and clinical affairs play an important role in medical devices gaining market access. Which market is easier to access with the data you have available? What about timelines and label requirements? How do we ensure speedy access to other markets? Will your clinical data be accepted? Who owns your certification? Qserve has an answer to all these questions.

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