Samuel Golub

Regulatory Affairs Expert

Samuel Golub, MSc.
Regulatory Affairs Consultant 

Samuel has been working at Qserve since September 2017. As a regulatory consultant, he helps medical device manufacturers get their products to European and American market. His specific interests lie in navigating the oftentimes technically difficult waters concerning the interplay between manufacturers and their economic operators (i.e. suppliers, distributors, etc.) This includes reviewing contracts and quality agreements and advising manufacturers on what steps to take in order to pave the way for compliance with the regulations and smooth product marketing. 

Additionally, Samuel closely follows developments in the realm of data protection regulations, both in the EU (the General Data Protection Regulation) and in the US (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).  Before coming to Qserve, Samuel worked at an IT company as a commercial business consultant.

He holds a MSc in Medical Biology and is currently pursuing a law degree in part-time. 

Samuel about working at Qserve:

“Qserve really is a huge pool of clinical, regulatory and quality knowledge with different people representing different subspecialties within those groups. However, what I like most about Qserve is the approach towards clients: closely assisting clients with guidance from the design and development stage to final product marketing and beyond, but also helping clients to solve intermittent issues and problems. Either way, we always aim for warm and fruitful relationships built to last!” 

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